If you want me I’m here…



Even though I can guarantee that they’re not perfect in real life, we, as america decide to make them perfect in pictures, bc WE as america….thrive off of what’s hot….Have you had sex before??????, you aint this perfect during sex.

But,…yea, they ARE hot.!

I’m Italian btw

I was like, “I like you.” And she was like, “I like you too.”


Fuck yeah, dating status: dating. Even the glee wiki knows it.


Although this may seem funny, it is one of the most realistic things I’ve ever heard. Brittany is exactly that. Exactly the "world’s foremost expert in the field of Santana Lopez". She was the one and only person who was there for her when she needed someone. She has always been the person that understood her like nobody else. The only person that really believed in her. The only one who knew how to love her, when everything she needed was to be loved for who she was, not for who she was pretending to be. Brittany was the only one who saw through her walls, who tore all of them down. She was the one who, instead of seeing the outside like every one else, decided to see her inside. Instead of seeing the angry, bad person Santana was presenting to the world, she saw the sad and hurt girl who was suffering in the inside because of things she couldn’t control. And despite of the mess that Santana Lopez was, Brittany Pierce could never leave her side. Because that’s what soulmates do. Be there for the other one. Love and support the love of your life through everything.

That’s what they are. And that’s what they will always be. PROUDLY SO.

you really are a genius

I’m just the world’s foremost expert in the field of Santana Lopez.